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Navigate.Money Compass logoOur mission is to help people better navigate money. We achieve this by connecting individuals to a network of professionals, educational resources and opportunities that empower them to improve their personal finances.

Our Story

It can be a challenge to understand and manage your personal finances. We know how this feels. That’s why Navigate Money was created. We started this community to help people improve their personal finances so they might have more opportunities to invest in their dreams.

Know how to navigate money

Start by tooling around our site as a guest to learn more about us. We have great personal finance resources that consist of a member community, verified professional network, insights and community engagement.

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Compass Insights from Navigate.MoneyLooking to learn more about personal finance? Explore our insights that focus in more detail on how to better understand, manage and improve your personal finances.

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You can easily discover select professionals that can help you improve your personal finances. These verified professionals are waiting to be discovered by you. Do you need assistance in creating and improving your wealth? Just search our network directory to find professionals in select personal finance fields. Contact them by phone, email or their website and find their offices with one-click directions. In addition, you can learn about their services, find them on social media, engage and leave reviews.

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Join to become a member of our site. As a member, you have the opportunity to deepen your engagement with our network community. Earn rewards for professional referrals. Get opportunities to win contests and giveaways. Write reviews on professional services, comment on insights and more. If you’re a select personal finance professional, submit a professional listing in our directory and be found by members and guests.

Earn Rewards

Members get the opportunity to earn rewards. We value your opinion as to who would make a great professional in our network directory. When you refer a select* personal finance professional who purchases a professional listing subscription after their free trial period, you qualify for a $25 Amazon Reward!

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What could be better than winning something for your engagement? Every month, we give away prizes to keep you engaged with our member community and professional network.

Drive Business

As a member, you can also purchase a professional listing subscription package. What does this get you? With a professional listing subscription, our entire community and site guests can find you on our network directory. Professional listing subscriptions are open to qualified *select personal finance professionals.