What are taxes?

Most adults need to pay some sort of income tax. There are both a federal tax system and state tax systems. Working adults and those earning other income must pay federal income tax. Some states charge income tax, while some don’t. If you work for an employer, your employer withholds taxes to pay to the federal, and if applicable, your state government.

Why should I manage my taxes?

Paying taxes is a necessary part of life. While we should all pay the tax we owe, there’s nothing wrong with paying as little tax as possible. There are many techniques you can take to reduce your tax liability. Understanding and managing your taxes are vital pieces of your overall financial health and security.

How can I manage my taxes?

Managing your taxes with a professional makes your life a lot easier. A knowledgeable accountant can help you prepare your tax return.  They can also help you understand your tax liability. A qualified tax professional can also help you pay less overall, by finding deductions and credits. You should check in with your accountant at least once per year. Changes in your family size, marriage, divorce, or change in income can alter the amount of tax you owe. To avoid withholding too much or too little, you should also talk with your accountant prior to the end of each year, when you can still make adjustments if necessary. 

If you have a simple tax return to prepare there are websites and commercially available software that may enable you to prepare your own returns. But, be sure to do your research to confirm you are calculating your tax liability correctly.

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Stressed out about paying your income taxes? Our tax system in the United States is quite complex. It’s very helpful to work with a qualified income tax professional, such as an accountant. An accountant can help you prepare your tax return and help you understand your tax liability. It’s also important to know and understand…